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Dove collection with 9 products
Dove 9 products    
Exclusives collection with 21 products
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Heart Feather collection with 4 products
Heart Feather 4 products    
Hummingbird collection with 2 products
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Mallard Feather collection with 11 products
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Men's Items collection with 14 products
Men's Items 14 products    
Narrow Feather collection with 4 products
Narrow Feather 4 products    
Quail collection with 6 products
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Recovery Stroke collection with 4 products
Recovery Stroke 4 products    
Skimmer collection with 2 products
Skimmer 2 products    
Spirit Feather collection with 2 products
Spirit Feather 2 products    
Wide Feather collection with 6 products
Wide Feather 6 products    

It was a Christmas gift for my wife Floride in 1995 that started the jewelry collection. Now you can see it in 50 or so of the finest jewelry retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Like my sculpture, each jewelry design is of or about a bird, and each starts with a piece of wood and a sharp blade. Some designs strive for a particular artistic element,...... Read More